Matt Nathanson

31 03 2009


Matt Nathanson is someone everyone should check out. He isn’t brand new but he does have his own flavor and vocal tone. He has amazing vocals and a unique look. Check out his two top singles Come On Get Higher and Car Crash right here

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18 02 2009



Check out Lenka's new CD!

Check out Lenka's new CD!



Lenka has recently found her way in to the US music industry. She is originally from Australia and was an actress before she decided to pursue her sing career. Lenka was born Kripac was born in 1978 and later stated to pursue and Australian television industry. I wasn;t until recently when she decided that music might be her thing. The is most known for her hit single “The Show” (2008) which has appeared in many commercials like on for Old Navy and show like Ugly Betty. Lenka now lives in Los Angeles and continues to promote her new album “Lenka” though Epic Records. To listen to songs from this CD click HERE.

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Ingrid Michaelson

5 02 2009


This is the cover to Ingrid's new album "Be OK"

This is the cover to Ingrid's new album "Be OK"


Ingrid Michaelson is an up and coming artist. She has three albums Slow the Rain, Boys and Girls and Be OK, which is her latest. She also has two hit singles “The Way I Am” and “Be OK”. 

Ingrid grew up in NY with two very artistic parents.  Carl Michaelson is a composer  and her mother Elizabeth Egbert is a sculptor. She started playing the piano at age 5 and has been hooked to music ever since. 

Ingrid is very talented and has a permanent place on my iPod. Her voice and lyrics are witty and full of hard emotions and textures. Her song “Be OK” got a lot of buzz. The picture music video is combined of pictures of people from all around the world that listen to her music with the words Be OK writen in the picture. You can view and listen to it here.

Enjoy! :)

Hello world!

3 02 2009

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